Christmas: Celebrate Moderately, Be Vigilant During Festivity – Makinde Advises Residents


Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has cautioned the residents of the state to go about the Christmas festivities in moderation.

Makinde urged inhabitants of the state to keep living in love and harmony as he congratulated them on the occasion of this year’s Christmas.
Residents must enjoy the Yuletide with caution, according to Taiwo Adisa, the Press Secretary of the Governor.

To keep the COVID-19 at a distance, he advised them to take the essential precautions such as adequate sanitization, wearing a face mask, and maintaining social distance.

He urged Christians and members of all other religions in the state to live in peace and show love and brotherhood at all times.

While speaking further, Malinda maintained that development and advancement can only occur in a peaceful and quiet environment.  He went on to say that everyone is responsible for security.

He also asked locals to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity in their surroundings.

He said: “While rejoicing with Oyo State residents, I advise them to do everything in moderation, as the times we are in demand that we remain security-conscious and observe all necessary protocols to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“Security is the responsibility of all and sundry, so all residents must be observant and report any untoward movements in their environments.

“The 615 Security Emergency Number is working in Oyo State, please report any suspicion regarding security.

“Similarly, I urge all residents to follow the Own Your Action (OYA) initiative of the state government, by observing proper hygiene, using nose covers and maintaining social distancing”.


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