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Floyd Mayweather Targeted In Drive-By Shooting As Bodyguard Is Shot

Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard has told of how the boxing legend was once targeted in a drive-by shooting, with his protector taking a bullet.

Greg La Rosa is one of a number of bodyguards for Mayweather having worked with Money since 2013.

It was five years later that La Rosa was driving one of three vehicles in a convoy carrying the boxer and his entourage back to a hotel following a night out in Atlanta, Georgia.

La Rosa believes it was a targeted shooting with police releasing a video of the shooting back in 2018.

It showed a red Dodge Durango pulling up alongside Mayweather’s convoy at an intersection and opening fire.

The vehicle then sped away from the scene after firing 12 rounds. No arrests were made.

But there were injuries with La Rosa struck in the leg from a bullet, though he has now recovered from his blow.

“All I heard was a big bang on the side of the car,” he told The Sun. “It almost sounded like a car accident, or as if someone had grabbed a baseball bat and hit the side of the car as hard as they could.

“It was an absolute ambush. You don’t know where it’s coming from.

“And as I was going down between the seats, I felt one go into my leg on the inside of my left leg.

“Honestly it didn’t hurt, but in my head, I knew I was shot. I said, ‘Guys, I’m hit’. I felt as if my leg was in a meat grinder.

“The bullet was deep in my leg but had come out.

“I think the way it came out is that the bullet mushroomed as it hit the metal to go through the door and it hit my leg and went into my leg with my pant leg and my sock there.

“So as I pulled it up to look, I think I pulled it out. I had a big hole there.”

La Rosa is still part of the The Money Team (TMT) that look after Mayweather on a daily basis.

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