HELP! My Uncle-In-Law Is Becoming Unbearable

My Wife Kept Kids Hungry And Travelled To See Mum (What Should I Do?)

I married my wife and my father-in-law gave us his blessings after that every year-end I used to give my father-in-law things like rice chicken and some ingredients for the celebration.

By late last year, my in-law died and these things which i use to give my father in-law now go to my mother in law, but the senior brother to my father-in-law is now on my neck, anytime he sees my wife, he always is threatening fire and brimstone.

He says that since his brother’s demised we have not been visiting him and in fact have not received any Christmas gift from US

Meanwhile, every Christmas, I always do for my mother inlaw what I should have done for my father-in-law.

I am now confused, i don’t know who to serve now between my mother-in-law and uncle-in-law. He is now blowing fire and brimstone.

The major matter now is how I can be able to service my mother inlaw and my uncle-in-law, then my family.

I am a low-income earner just managing to keep ends meet, see where i now find myself.

The main reason I am no longer at ease is that these tribes are mainly known to practice witchcraft, especially the very family.

Please readers, what should I do now to save my head and the head of my loved ones.

If you love jokes, kindly skip this Post for this is a very serious matter.

Even now my mind is telling me to divorce her and life goes on, will this decision also affect me?

Please What Should I Do?

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