LET’S TALK! How To Travel Home This Festive Period

LET’S TALK! How To Travel Home This Festive Period

Traveling is both pleasurable and educational.

However, as you travel, learn to appreciate nature’s beauty.

Make care to take in the scenery, which includes trees, rivers, rocks, mountains, valleys, and the surrounding countryside.

Look at the houses on the way, in the remote areas and in the towns and cities as the journey progresses.

Make sure you appreciate the beauty of the Savannah in the north and the rainforest in the south for those going from north to south.

Try to behave as a child by asking questions in your mind concerning the small things you see on the way.

Questions like: Why does that bird I am seeing over there have 3 colors in it’s feathers?

Why is that river flowing through that forest. Of course, those questions need not be answered. It only helps you to be a child temporarily.

It helps to heal someone’s body and soul. It heals someone in a way undreamt of.

Don’t just stay in the bus/car praying for the journey to end.

Try to enjoy the journey. Make sure you buy any local delicacy of any town on the road if such delicacy is sold along the way.

Relax your mind, afterall being agitated during the journey would not suddenly land you where you are going.

Why must you tense up when it would not help you in any way? It won’t help you arrive sooner.

So relax your mind and make sure you enjoy your journey because it heals the brain.

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