My Wife Kept Kids Hungry And Travelled To See Mum (What Should I Do?)

My Wife Kept Kids Hungry And Travelled To See Mum (What Should I Do?)

Good morning fellas and compliments of the season. Some are happy some are not but we all thank God for life.

Happy Christmas all.

Well fellas sincerely wish I have the power to terminate my marriage, I’m fed up 200%.

Is Christmas season of love all families stay together but my wife left home to her villa to see mum, yeah is a gud stuff going home to see parents, but if well planned.

We planned after 25th she can go at least stay with the kids, suddenly she said she wanna go, I let her go, just yesterday wanted to eat, our helper said no soup in freezer, Kai I have to go buy soup outside. Today 24th, I’m gonna go to the market to buy soup stuff.

It is very painful. I regret getting married cos in this season any sensible person knows families gonna be together. In fact kids need to enjoy it as we did during our time.

Salad we can’t do, not that I don’t have the money, but I can’t do it.

Her mum I told I’m not against ur daughter coming to see you, but she has to put her house in order first before embarking on a long journey.

Makes me regret a lot of stuff marrying outside my state, in fact one can remarry, my spouse no go pass Enugu/Anambra.

Her mum sick, going see her I’m not against, my kids all crying all day long mummy mummy, I try pacify them.

Every December, Na stress. It is true it is women that are mostly good in taking care of parents though we guys also do our best, but my wife has 3 brothers all married, as it is Xmas none of the wives is around so the daughters fall on.

I’m not writing this long epistle just that I feel bad as I don’t know what to do, sexually I gain nothing from her, financially she doesn’t support me, it is only challenges she brings to me.

If it continues like this, I’ll leave the house for months 4 her and let her brain reset.

Or What Should I Do?

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