Pastor Lazarus Muoka And Members Worship God As 6 Big “Strange” Birds Are Found Dead At The Altar Of The Church’s Headquarters In Lagos (VIDEO)


After six large “weird” birds were discovered dead on the altar of the church’s headquarters in Lagos, a video released online showed the moment Lord’s Chosen members and their General Overseer, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, offered worship to God.

Pastor Muoka was overheard claiming that he had never seen those birds around the church since it was founded. The birds “came for an attack, and the Lord slaughtered them,” he continued.

He also stated several times that “only God can achieve this.” Take a look at the video below…………………

See how netizens reacted to the video;

sandy_nene wrote; Poor birds 😢😢they have poisoned them for their drama 😂😂

ekhatoristic wrote; Nonsense! If God is sitting somewhere, he/she should do something that will make people’s to believe he/she exists. The European exported Christian Religion into Africa for the so purposes of brainwashing them and made them to forget their religion. In many books written by the repentant Paul, he advised the women’s to be respectful/submissive to their husband, even in the conflicting book of Genesis, the supposed invisible God said “Let’s make man in our own image”. Today, the same Europeans are the one telling us that there’s no longer words like a Man or Woman, Mother or Father, and of course a breast milk. Religious is worst than all the terrorists ever found in combine.

selflove188 wrote; The lord killed birds and leave bandits that kill christians like fowl in the north …Una mumu too much sha

matsoft_official wrote; Lol 😂 the camera man must show us how the bird 🦅 fly and fall down and die, if the member just came to the church and find the bird 🦅 on the floor. Forget it is a script


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