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We’re Exporting Our Best Doctors Abroad – Innocent Uja

We’re Exporting Our Best Doctors Abroad – Innocent Uja
The President of the Nigerian Medical Association, Prof Innocent Uja, has compared the way doctors leave Nigeria to work in other countries to sitting on a time bomb.

As a result, he urged the federal government to act quickly to address the problem. This comes on the heels of the Joint Health Sector Union’s recommendation to the government to enhance working conditions for health care professionals in the country.

He said, “The issue of brain drain in health sector should not be taken lightly because it is like sitting on a time bomb.

“This issue must be properly discussed on the right table between Federal Government and stakeholders, because the way things are going, we are exporting our best and producing for other countries.

“If we are not good, why do they employ us? Our doctors are well-trained and anywhere they go, they will be employed.

“Though, we are not valued in Nigeria, when you go to Europe and America, there is a report recently that over 5,700 Nigerian doctors are practising in UK.

“On a monthly basis, many Nigerian doctors are travelling out. The issue of brain drain in the nation’s health sector must be properly discussed.”

“The truth of the matter is that if you prevent people from going and they stay in Nigeria and are not working, will you force any doctor to see a patient? It is demotivation, it is not something to be contemplated at all.

“The best thing is to understand the factors responsible for brain drain in health sector and stop them before they become monsters,”

Posted by on January 21, 2022.

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